In 1990 Steve Jobs described the correct use of technology as being the bicycle of the mind.  In terms of movement and energy, the condor is the most efficient animal on the planet, with humans way down the list. However, put a human on a bike and they immediately become far more efficient than the condor. His premise was if you put the right technology in the hands of people at the right time, it becomes the bicycle of the mind, making us much more efficient and effective.

What we have done at Imagine Performance is take that idea and apply it to employee performance management. Our tools and systems make the process and outcomes of performance management easier to use, more accurately recorded and simpler to act upon.

Perform™ allows the employee to instantly record their actions, at the point of learning, add evidence to back up their behavioural change, and do so over the length of their employment. This is in direct contrast to the commonplace one-off annual review.

Perform also lets colleagues recognise the good practice they see in others, and enables managers, at any time, to see how their teams are performing. This is not only a useful monitoring tool, but also allows organisations to identify where common areas of good practice are occurring, or alternatively note where more training or intervention might be needed across teams.

Where employee performance is concerned, Perform acts as the bicycle of the mind.

A free version of Perform is available to download, focussed on those working from home. Other versions covering working in teams, managing others and customer service are available. Purpose built versions meeting specific organisational needs can also be provided.

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