Employee professional behaviours are being increasingly recognised as having a big impact on organisational effectiveness and efficiency. How employees behave in the workplace can also impact on the risks and vulnerabilities an organisation face. The culture in the workplace drives the way individuals think and act, and this influences a wide range of aspects, some less obvious than others. Acting so the data and security of a company is maintained, taking personal responsibility, collaborating effectively, and looking for creative solutions, are just a few of the positive influences effective professional behaviours can have.

Inconsistent approaches to customers and an external impression of a lack of organisation are a negative result of un-specified and poorly applied behaviours. Of course, different roles require a different set of behaviours, but there is also a lot of commonality and a consistent approach within an organisation are vital. For example, in a company where there are some who deal directly with customers and some who do not, a culture of effective customer service must be part of everyone’s behaviours. For someone who does not deal with customers, they still need to understand the requirements a customer has and treat colleagues themselves as internal customers.


The workplace is of course a busy place, with demands on each individual and competing priorities. Regular reflection on one’s own and colleagues’ behaviours and performance usually is low down the to-do list, and when it is on the agenda, is often rushed in the short period before appraisal or annual reviews are due. A truly effective review process must be continual and be part of the working life of an individual if it is to truly reflect the necessary behaviours. Without this, personal and professional improvements are more difficult to implement. What is needed is clear behavioural guidance and decision making driven by the right data that is continually collected.


Imagine Performance looked at the way transactions occur in retail at the point of sale. Here they are simple, quick and capture all the data that is needed. Perform™ does exactly the same thing for an employee with their behavioural performance. Firstly, a set of required behaviours are decided upon by the organisation. These can be pre-prepared ones such as customer service, team working, working from home or managing people. Alternatively, a custom-built set can be agreed and placed within a framework, that meets the specific needs of your company or teams within it.

Staff credit themselves to record the required behaviours or competencies, can add evidence of their achievements and collaborate with colleagues on meeting them. They can also recognise colleagues’ behavioural improvements and line managers can monitor and add to progress. This creates a process that is quick to use, continual and gathers long term evidence of employee progression and performance. This can feed directly into an existing annual review process making it more valuable.

This means by using Perform, consistency and clarity for employees and management becomes ingrained in the culture of the organisation, and can be accessed at any time

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