Quality of care for the elderly is a challenge for society and the major focus of private care providers.  Ensuring we look after our increasingly aging population well, requires highly trained care specialists and adequate systems to track this. Move Forward with Dignity (MFWD) is passionate about supporting residential care homes in achieving high quality ratings.

MFWD has set up a bespoke Perform system called ‘Vortices’ with the aim of allowing care workers to maintain high standards.

“Staffing levels and skill mix must be reviewed continuously and adapted to respond to the changing needs and circumstances of people using the service.” Regulation 18.1 Health and Social Care Act 2008


In an increasingly aging population, the care of the elderly is a rapidly expanding market, with at least half the UK ‘beds’ now in private hands.  Care providers face challenges from limited local authority funding which has an impact on budgets and margins. Care home staff tend to be low paid, even with the minimum wage and low skilled, and as a result there is high staff turnover. This makes it hard for providers to justify spending on staff training and associated opportunities for professional growth.  Furthermore, legislation exists to ensure staff receive regular appraisal of their performance as well as ongoing training, learning and development to enable them to fulfil the requirements of their role. Finding a unique selling point is vital for providers in order for them to secure enough residents at the best funding rate and to recruit the most knowledgeable and competent staff to deliver the highest quality of care.


Making staff feel valued, supported and ‘invested in’ is critical for ensuring high quality care, essential for customer satisfaction and required to increase operational efficiencies and achieve outstanding ratings from the Care Quality Commission. MFWD research has identified that all organisations have experts or pockets of knowledge but disseminating this valuable knowledge / insight on a consistent basis is a challenge. To monitor ongoing training there are time pressures as well as bureaucracy meaning that staff are not easily able to record evidence of their professional development needed for their own performance management and to fulfil regulation requirements.


Move Forward with Dignity has deployed Perform™ to track, manage and reward staff behaviour and development.  Under a service agreement, the software is branded and delivered as a solution for the Care Home and Healthcare Sector. Perform provided a bespoke framework for the collaborative assessment of performance and improved professional behaviours based on the criteria set out in the Care Quality Commission inspection framework.  Providing access to the app and collaborative web portal for all staff and managers enabled focussed inspection and the early raising of potential areas of improvement.  From a professional development perspective, it builds staff morale and skills by incentivizing the accumulation of performance credits. This enables them to build a living CV/ portfolio of evidence of their skills and achievements for easier career progression and advancement. In addition, it provides a means of capturing operational best practice and sharing it in a consistent manner across all job roles in a group or across a region.