Imagine Performance Ltd are pleased to announce the opening of an office in Dublin. Imagine Performance are looking to expand into the marketplace of the Republic of Ireland, following the recent partnership with Skilly (

“I am delighted that we are now able to offer our unique employee development platform in Ireland and look forward to working with companies and organisations in driving positive change in the workplace.”

David Fairbairn-Day, Chief Performance Officer


About Imagine Performance


We are all about the performance management of people. Imagine Performance has been developed as a result of years of experience in nurturing, monitoring, developing and skilling employees in over 50 countries.

Perform maximises the potential of employees. It is the world’s first truly real time, employee behavioural assessment system. It can be implemented in any environment from a retail outlet to construction site to a hospital, or even for field-based teams. This Point of Performance system, captures learning and competencies in real time. It credits users instantly for demonstrating learning, and awards credits where this happens, whenever it happens. It is an immediate form of assessment that captures instances of learning that illustrate incremental changes in competencies over time.

Contact details

Imagine Performance (Eire), NovaUCD, Belfield Innovation Park, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.