When you think about building a team for your business to be successful, it may be wise to consider hiring remote workers. If the idea of hiring and supervising people who will not be physically near you or your business seems risky, consider some of the positive factors that others have discovered through using remote employees. Having greater access to industry talent, high-quality output, and reduced overhead are just a few of the reasons business owners appreciate remote workers.

Sceptics may wonder how a business owner will know if the work is getting done or whether productivity is sufficient. Fortunately, tech systems can help with this. Perform (www.imagineperformance.com) is a one-of-a-kind innovation that enables your employees to train and work in a system that tracks their progress. The sophisticated programming takes hands-on learning to a new level by assessing and tracking performance and competence from day one. Employees receive affirmation of learning the system correctly and business owners have documentation of how workers are performing. Perform also allows line managers to remotely interact with their team members, providing support and help to individuals or teams by identifying where it is needed, from their day-to-day work activity. Finding the right people for your team is crucial, and there are ways to find those team members with relative ease.


Finding Your People


Hiring trustworthy, skilled people for your team is the priority, but where should you start looking? The great thing about hiring remote workers is how much it extends your access to talented people from all around the world. Rather than being pigeonholed to a certain region to access workers, you can review the work of prospective employees from other continents who have diverse work experience or a particular set of skills your team will benefit from.

Platforms that draw in a vast array of talent can offer you a lot of prospective freelancers; you can find people who specialize in content marketing on the same site as your ideal logo designer and a reliable virtual assistant. Content marketing pros know how to share the vision of your business in a way that is appealing to potential customers. Business owners already have so much on their plate; hiring specialists in certain fields can lighten the load. Prior to hiring remote workers, review portfolios of work, follow up on references, and identify pricing and timeframes to make sure these factors align with your business needs. Managing your remote team after it is established will require a bit of creative planning.


How to Manage a Remote Team


As more people elect to work as freelancers in their field, business owners have a unique opportunity to try new strategies for managing teams of employees from a distance. Rather than in-person staff meetings, check-ins can occur virtually on Zoom, Google Meet, or similar sites. If you have a large staff with varying roles, it may be helpful to host monthly meetings where everyone checks in, talks about their recent work, and troubleshoots any issues that come up. The camaraderie that stems from regularly connecting with your remote co-workers is an important factor. Meet with smaller teams by specialty to discuss specific goals. Shoot for weekly or bi-weekly team meetings to ensure that challenges do not go unresolved for too long.

Often remote workers are skilled at working independently. Hiring remotely means you will have a team that is self-assured and capable. Even with these factors, make sure you check in with your remote folks weekly to discuss their feelings about the work, and their current project needs and accomplishments. That being said, often remote and freelance workers have introvert tendencies (hence the urge to work independently rather than in a traditional setting), so respect their need for processing time and reflection, which influences their creative process.


Assessing Your Team’s Progress


Establish a method to assess your progress at varying increments of your business. Beyond the usual studies of balance sheets and productivity, take a long-range look at your business goals to determine if you are headed in the direction you wish to go. Think about the way your team works together; are there areas in which communication could be better? Are you functioning well, managing internal conflicts, reaching goals together, and establishing a good working relationship as a team? Ask your remote workers to chime in on the assessment of the team’s work and what might help streamline processes and make work-life more satisfying.


Using tools offered by Perform can help you determine areas of need as well as recognizing progress. Visit them online to see the varying ways Imagine Performance can help.


About the author – Tina Martin.

Tina stays busy as a life coach and works hard to help herself and her clients achieve a healthy work-life balance. She is also working on her first book, “Ideaspired: Put Your Ideas, Your Inspiration, and Yourself First to Make Your Dreams Come True.”


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