About us

About us

We are all about the performance management of people. Imagine Performance has been developed as a result of years of experience in nurturing, monitoring, developing and skilling employees in over 50 countries.

The parent company Imagine Education primarily focus on education such as teacher professional development and delivering large scale governmental projects. The most recent of these was Teachers First in Egypt, the biggest teacher development program in the world that engaged with over 850,000 school and college teachers.

Imagine Performance is responding to the need to ensure employee evaluation and development is accurate, continual and focusses on the competencies that are required. Where there is a need for these, Perform will give you the tools you need.

Adrian Blight

Adrian Blight

Managing Director

Adrian is the founder and Managing Director of Imagine Performance Ltd. His role within the company is to design, develop and implement the strategic plan of the company as well as lead its day-to-day running.

Externally, Adrian plays a key role to ensure trusted client relationships are built and maintained, that project plans are delivered, and budgets are successfully managed.

He has extensive management experience within companies working globally and has particular experience working with mixed stakeholders and in multicultural environments.

Adrian is a keen runner and supports local schools as a governor and fundraiser.

Jim Wynn

Jim Wynn

Chief Executive Officer

Jim is the CEO and co-founder of Imagine Performance Ltd.

Previously, Jim was Head of Strategy at Promethean, an international education technology company, where he was responsible for driving the company’s strategic thinking and product development.

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, Jim has a first-class honours degree in Mathematics and originally worked as a mathematician in the electricity generating sector.

Jim taught Mathematics and became a Headteacher of two secondary schools before moving into industry. At RM Jim was head of marketing before moving to Microsoft where he ran professional development for teachers across EMEA. Jim then moved on to Cisco where he ran the public sector consultancy division for emerging markets and has worked extensively in Africa and the Middle East.

Jim has a passion for employee professional development and has created a novel approach to enable employees to develop and track their behaviours in the workplace.

Jim is married with three children and is a keen but unfortunate Newcastle United supporter.

David Fairbairn-Day

David Fairbairn-Day

Chief Performance Officer

David has worked in over 50 countries with governments, channel partners, customers and colleagues. This has been in the areas of technology, people development, education leadership, business development and large-scale project implementation and management.

This has been in areas such as advising companies on international expansion, supporting start-ups and company expansions, technology product consultancy and user experience maximisation, connecting and advising clients with suitable vendors, programme management and project leadership.

His most recent project was leading a government teacher development project in Egypt, Teachers First, which is the largest professional development programme in the world reaching over 850,000 teachers and a staff of 220.

He was a school leader and teacher for 10 years before joining a technology company in the UK as a Senior Consultant. He then worked for 10 years as Head of Business Development and Education Strategy for an international technology provider.

David enjoys travelling with his family, spending as much time as possible outdoors and walking his two dogs.