Products and services

The Perform™ Platform

Perform depends upon users having access to the behavioural competency framework used by their company, and access to a Perform enabled device (smart phone, tablet, PC etc). When both of these are available, then learning credits can be issued immediately to individuals, demonstrating the desired outcomes – at the point where these are displayed.

The approach is modelled on Point of Sale systems that have transformed the retail industry. Such systems enable vendors to instantly gather customer behaviour through the collection of data linked to consumer purchases. For example, the bar code on a product means that retailers and the supply chain can be more efficient and productive by enabling consumers to be treated as individuals, keep store shelves stocked to match buying patterns, and to produce more efficient economies of scale and scope.

Imagine Performance have transferred this approach to professional learning and development. The Perform system uses this approach to deal with individual learning and learners, enabling better and more dynamic forms of assessment and feedback. As a result, this also leads to more targeted development pathways based on user needs, informed by reliable and up to date evidence and data. Furthermore, it enables businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of employees, both individually and in their teams or departments.

Ready to use and bespoke frameworks

A Perform framework is the competencies (or behaviours) the employee, their colleagues and line managers work with and record progress on. There are a number of themes such as Creating the Future which is divided into topics like Planning and Strategic Development and Futures and Innovation. In this instance (the Management and Leadership Framework), the manager recognises individual competencies such as shares the understanding of strategy with stakeholders or, provides members of the organisation with a coherent approach to planning. It is these competencies that the individual records on the Perform™ app when they carry them out.

 There are a number of pre-set frameworks, such as Customer Service, Working in Teams or Leadership and Management. These have been created by experts in their fields. They can be used by any organisation as generic competency trackers.

Perform Start

Perform Start is a quick orientation to help you get used to how Perform works and how you can get the best out of it.

Perform Start helps employees understand the cloud and app platforms and make them comfortable using them. It encourages them to explore the professional uses and positive outcomes of using PerformPro. It also gives management of organisations the confidence that teams will use and add value to their business objectives by using PerformPro.

It is an easy to use online course that employees and their managers take as the first steps to using PerformPro. It uses explanation and information that is easy to follow. Multiple choice questions are asked to check understanding of the platform itself and good practice in using it. At the end of the course it will highlight any areas that need revisiting and invite users to take the course again if they need to.

Perform Start should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Additional Services and Add-ons

Face to Face training

User and Supervisor training on how to effectively use and get the most from Perform

Bespoke frameworks

Create and/or adapt a behavioural framework to meet specific organisational requirements

Reporting and analytics training

To enable supervisors to make the best use of enhanced reports.

Deployment and needs analysis

Consultation, advice and set up of Perform to maximise the impact on the organisational goals.

Team share functionality

To allow team members to see each other’s activity and collaborate on specific behavioural goals.


Enhanced tech support

Personal support consultant contact and guaranteed response time.

Groups and Forums

Functionality to set up custom groups/teams and forums for users and supervisors to create and use discussion areas.

Perform User Cards

The provision of individual user card and/or set up existing organisation’s cards to function with Perform.

Enhanced Reports

The ability for supervisors to collate individual reports to create group reports.

User and teams evidential analysis

In depth analysis and interpretation of reporting data for the organisation.

Enhanced user support

Personal support consultant to help users and supervisors make the best use or Perform™ and to advise on changes of use, frameworks or future plans

Export to other platforms

Export data from Perform to other platfroms.