What we do

Guiding principles

Usable, accurate, recordable employee performance monitoring.

Motivating, easy to use, focussed professional development.


In today’s world the most successful people are highly skilled and able to perform well in many different circumstances.


Traditional approaches to learning and assessment used for acquiring knowledge and skills are inappropriate for developing the behaviours that successful people need.


Move from formal courses that assess one-off, isolated demonstrations of skill and knowledge to Point of Learning systems, where competence frameworks are used to observe, develop and measure behaviours in real-time and in different circumstances.

“In the future you will NOT get paid for what you know but HOW you apply what you know.”

What Perform does

Perform maximises the potential of employees. It is the world’s first truly real time, employee behavioural assessment system. It can be implemented in any environment from a retail outlet to construction site to a hospital, or even for field-based teams. This Point of Performance system, captures learning and competencies in real time. It credits users instantly for demonstrating learning, and awards credits where this happens, whenever it happens. It is an immediate form of assessment that captures instances of learning that illustrate incremental changes in competencies over time.

“Perform™ allows for incentives to be built in, these could be purely motivational or linked to existing employee reward structures.”

The difference it makes

The Perform platform addresses two key learning and development challenges:

  1. Assessing authentic, real time learning and providing instantaneous feedback to users and managers.
  2. Recognising and accrediting learning in a range of contexts and situations.

Perform allows for incentives to be built in, these could be purely motivational or linked to existing employee reward structures.

As Perform is cloud based and all data can be evidenced and stored online as a living portfolio of an individual’s personal development and achievements in their professional life. This can be shared with others as desired and is designed to encourage collaboration amongst colleagues. If required, employees can upload evidence of their progression and development, which can be used to demonstrate their achievements.

Perform can also allow managers, supervisors or business owners to monitor and evaluate the efficacy of specific behaviours that are vital to the business. This can be done for individuals or across teams and helps managers identify where further intervention, support or training can be focussed.